May 2014 | Regensburg, Germany


Lödige Fördertechnik GmbH delivered a lifting and tilting table for BMW in Regensburg.  It facilitates the maintenance of a pressing tool  weighing several tons and offers the employees more safety and ergonomics at the workplace.

Project description

The pressing tools up to 25 t are lifted with the crane onto the 5 m x 2.5 m large table. They are then locked with locking pins on the platform and secured with T-slots screws. In order to edit pressing tools the lifting and tilting table can be up to 70 ° inclined and working height can be changed up to 900 mm.

The hole pattern and the T-slots grids on the platform were engineered specifically for BMW in order to ensure that all different modules of pressing tools can be fitted. The lifting table has an own weight of 20 tons and can be driven over with an axle load of 10 tons when collapsed.

Two identical lifting and tilting tables from Lödige Industries Group are used since 2006 in BMW plant in Dingolfing.

Facts and figures

Regensburg, Germany

Completion date:

Load capacity (kg):

Axle load (kg):

Dimensions of the platform:
(W x D): 5,00 mm x 2,500 mm

Dimensions of the pit:
(D x L x W): 1,250 x 5,050 mm x 3,300 mm

Net mass (kg) 
 ca. 19,000

Lifting height (mm) 
ca. 900

Tilting angle 
max. 70°

Lifting speed (cm/s)
ca. 1.6

Lowering speed (cm/s)
ca. 1.6

Engine power of the hydraulic unit (kW)


BMW AG | Lifting and tilting table | inclined plattform | Lödige Industries
BMW AG | Lifting and tilting table in idle state | Lödige Industries
BMW AG | Installation environment of lifting and tilting table | Lödige Industries
BMW AG | Lifting and tilting table with an open tool part
Lifting and tilting table | Functional sketch | Lödige Industries


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